Way To Get Dofollow Free Backlinks

In my previous post, I showed you some EDU AND GOV dofollow Free Backlinks; Today, I will give you some more I get from niceblogger. However, I also include 4 new rookies, 100% dofollow, page rank over 4.
2.      http://bytestyle.tv/content/acta-will-corporate-run-us-government-destroy-internet   pr4
I hope you enjoy them and Keep in your mind that DO NOT SPAM AND DO NOT PAY FOR A LINK. LINK IS JUST A LINK.
1.      JiscDigitalMedia PR6
2.      Scri PR6 – Create an account.In your account you can add a link in your signature with an anchor text after that just go and reply to published posts.
3.      BuToday PR6 – DoFollow links only in comments so if you have related posts on your blog you can get a link by showing it and give your opinion if not, write an article related to that topic and get a quality permanent link. Don’t Spam, you’re wasting your own time!
4.      eLearning PR5 – You must create an account to be able to comment, add your link to profile.
5.      SheilaMacneill PR5
6.      KnightCenter PR5 – Really nice blog, keep it clean!
7.      UCSB PR5
8.      GamingPSU PR5 – Same steps as number #2.
9.      InvestPromo PR5 – Same steps as number #2.
10.  Boykin PR4
11.  Asimong PR4
12.  Pah1 PR4
13.  Humboldt PR4 – Same steps as number #2.
14.  WomenSpeak PR3
15.  DavisNY PR3
16.  MySole PR2
17.  Title3 PR2
1.      Scratch PR5  Alexa: 1,304
2.      GuildHall PR5  Alexa: 34,861
3.      Falmouth PR5  Alexa: 230,493
4.      BuffaloState PR4  Alexa: 82,603
Profile Links
5.      ALTC Exchange PR7 - Is a community hub for exchange ideas about teaching practice.You can write blog entries and add resource links as long your provided content is related to their website.If the backlink is the only thing you’re after,  you can create an account,edit your profile and add your website,simple as that!
6.      PolarBears PR6 – Create an account -> Edit your profile -> Add a short description about yourself and your website using your anchors in the Bio field.
7.      HCSNet PR5 – Create an account and add your site to your profile.
8.      RODA PR5 – Create an account and add your site to your profile.You can also add your link with anchor in signature and post comments.
9.      Flyp PR4 – Create an account and add your site to your profile.
10.  wePlan Alpine PR4 – Create an account and add your site to your profile.


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