3 Secrets For CopyWriting Revealed

" Top 3 Headline Writing
         Secrets Revealed"

 So if you're going to do ANYTHING in the
marketing world, you need to learn how to
write compelling headlines that stop people
in their tracks and get them to study your
marketing message.

When it comes to copywriting, headlines are

Headlines are what catch people's attention
and compel them to want to keep reading.

So here's...


3 Secrets for Writing Winning Headlines


Have you ever head the expression, "If it
works, don't mess with it." That holds true
for writing headlines. If a headline worked,
why not use it again and again.

So when I start to write headlines I review
the top 100 headlines ever written (just
google it).

Then I simply model those headlines. For
instance, let's say I was writing a headline
for my "Instant Referral Systems" course.

I might go to my 100 top headlines list and
decide to write a headline using the
following famous headline.

"They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano,
But What I Started to Play"


"They Laughed When Saw My Instant Referral
Systems Program, But When They Started to
Use My Systems"

How hard was that? Not very hard at all. So
try to model existing headlines that are
already proven winners.


The best copywriters know that curiosity is
the most powerful driver to action. So if
you want people to continue reading your
copy, use curiosity.

The list below are just a few starters that
I personally use for writing curiosity
driven headlines.

The #1 Method...

How to...

The Top 5...

The Absolute Best...

A Unique...

The Secret to...

How She...

The Ultimate...

The Most Unusual...

A Little Known...


If you are writing a very important
advertisement headline, or the title for an
important special report, or even the
headline for critical landing page, you need
to use the absolute best headline you can.

Your best headlines rarely, if ever, is the
first headline you write.

Usually, your best headlines don't start
coming out until after your 20th version.

So if you have an important headline to
write, you should write about 30 variations
to find the top 3 headlines you want to

The great thing about doing this is that you
can use the other headlines you've written
as pre-headlines, post-headlines, sub-
headlines, captions etc.

Just use the top 100 headlines that I
mentioned before as models to create your 30

Time after time this has worked for me. My
winning headline has come after writing more
than 20 headlines variations.


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