Advertising For Local Business

Interactive Pool of Ideas
For Promoting Your Local Business(es)!

Starting local business advertising? Want to know more about SEO & SEM.
This is a place where great ideas for advertising and promoting local business will get a reward of traffic and backlinks.
The concept is very simple:
- the best ideas will be published in a PDF (with all your backlinks and business promo) and spread virally over the internet to get even more visibility.- you share great ideas in the form of comments to this blog post;
- Free Traffic System blog pays you back with do-follow backlinks in comments AND traffic of the readers of the blog AND traffic from search engines (because blog post is SEO optimized for many lucrative keywords);
- other submitters of ideas will be interested to get wider coverage and will promote this post in social media which means that every comment submitter gets MORE visibility.

Before we come to the details about what ideas, suggestions, real case examples you can submit – I want to make one thing clear about the promo of YOUR links in comments. We will allow any type of links – links of your site and business, or affiliate links of 3rd party products, or links to sign up pages – this is about YOUR business and we allow any links to PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS in the comments.

Quality Checklist for Ideas

If you want the comment with your idea and business link to get approved and seen by others, then you should make sure that the idea/business plan/interesting real case/suggestion/experience/etc. is fitting the quality standards:
1. It must be for local business.
Don’t forget that the post is about advertising local business. So, your idea must work for local business.
2. It must be realistic, practical and doable.
Ideas like going to space and then beeping from there to the shoe buyers in California are great, but they will not help the readers. Hence, ideas like this will not get published.
3. It can be online or offline.
We do not want to limit your creative genius. Anything that helped you, or helped your friends and/or business partners to get more clients for local business – is highly welcomed. If it has nothing to do with SEO and Internet marketing – no problems.

You know the rules and standards,
the rest is in your hands -
Good Luck and Nice Clicks!



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