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Free backlinks Case SEO study. Please Feel Free to share your thought
I've been doing SEO for clients, that one I will show everything done so far. If you have any questions or opinions please comment below or input. Let's start.
The keyword: Geo targeted business, the city has two words and the business one.
eg. new york buffet, restaurant los angeles, Francisco bakery

For the example I will use "buffet new york" but ins't the real one.


without quotes (buffet new york) : 594.000 results

with quotes: ("buffet new york"): 21.000 results

1st result: A 3 year old domain business directory site, the page have the kw at the title, meta kws, description and URL. Its a Joomla site using JoomSEO.

The page are a listing of about 17 new york buffets linking each one to their own in site page.

2nd result: A 5 year old domain. Its a competitor site, I don't know how that guy come to the 2nd spot. The site only have the kw at the description and its at separated words such "in new york is the best place and blalala...buffet". Its a flash website!

The Old Client Site:
1 year old domain with 5 HTML pages without any SEO.

Thw New Client Site:
I've installed Wordpress and all the pages now redirect to it. Free template without any modifications, the permalinks are changed to show title.

The plug-ins:

All in One
SEO Pack
Contact Form 7
FancyBox Gallery
Google XML Sitemaps with qTranslate Support
KB Robots.txt
Friendly Images
SearchTerms Tagging 2
Smart Links
Slideshow Gallery 2
WP Super Cache

In Site SEO:

- 154 pictures

100% with the kw at title and description
less than 10% with the kw at ALT

- 20 posts

50% are just a picture with the title
50% are with pictures and 50-200 words articles

- 8 categories

Each one with secondary keywords: anniversary, marriage, party, debutant, corporate, events, betrothal and one with the main keyword (the 50% of the posts with images and titles only get here)

- 6 pages

Contact, localization, gallery, menu, testimonials and the
: (main kw title and optimized 320 words text with 3.2% keyword density also keyword with h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6, meta tags, meta description, URL, bold, italic, underline, at the start and the end of the text.

- 80% of the content was made at the 1st week and I keep adding more content (1 or 2 times a week).

Off Site SEO:

- Registered the business at google maps, google sent a mail to the address with the PIN to activate.

Link Building:

Web 2.0 pages:

- Squidoo: 878 words lens with translated contend about the niche. h1, h2, URL and links to the site with the keyword

- Blogspot: 499 words translated content one page blog with, h1, h2, h3, underline, bolt, italic, title, links to the site, URL, start and end of the text with the kw

- Reddit: Link to the site in title and URL with the kw

- Webs: One page site with 457 translated content, h1, h2, h3, underline, bolt, italic, title, URL and links to the site with the kw

- Jimdo: One page site with 701 translated content, h1, h2, h3, underline, bolt, italic, title, URL and links to the site with the kw

- Quizilla: 177 words story with title, h2, bolt, italic, underline and link to the site with the kw

- Wordpress: 565 words one page blog with translated content, h1, h2, h3, underline, bolt, italic, title, URL and links to the site with the kw

- Digg: Link to the site with the kw

- Delicious: Bookmark link to the site with the keyword

- Facebook: Profile creation and 50 friends added, link to the site

The 2.0 link wheel:

Squidoo -> Blogspot -> Reddit -> Webs -> Jimdo -> Quizilla -> Wordpress -> Digg -> Deliciouns and Squidoo

All the sites have a link to the main site with the same kw , I'm thinking if i did it right or its better to mix the keywords with variations...

Black Hat:

  Scrape-box comments to the web 2.0 site, not to the main site. 1 blast only until today.

Today used tools:

I've found that ping tools in the forum and used it:


Results at 2011, Jun 04.

5 place of the 1st page to the keyword - google maps result.

Also we have pages of the site and web 2 pages at 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 pages of results.

I want to dominate the 1st page, I mean, register neighborhood homes at google maps and rank with more pages of the site. I got about 15% or more of all results for google pages 1-6.

The next steps will be find more web 2.0 sites and scale it up.

I dont know why the 2nd result with a very poor
SEO site are ranking so well.
Any ideas or opinions; please kindly share your point of views. Thanks


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  2. Intereting post. It was pretty cool to see your on and off-site seo services in action and the results that you achieved. Gives everyone out there a real life example, showing that if you put in the time and effort you really can move a page up to the top of Google. Thanks

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