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3 Ways To Turn Your Site Into a Conversion Powerhouse Overnight

Hey guys, So, before I get into it I want you to think back to the last time you were surfing the web casually. What got you to stay on a site? Did you subscribe to any email lists? How long did you stay on site? These are pretty simple questions, but the answers literally make or break your online business.

I want to make a crazy statement to start off this post. Like really crazy. This post is going to change how you look at your website and how you do business on it FOREVER(and ever). However, I do not want to frame this like what I am about to show is going to blindside you. This is stuff you already know, but probably just have not thought of applying on your site.

* If a site does not catch your interest right away, you are not going to stay on it. Thus the site loses money
* If you do not give your email to a site, the site only has ONE chance to hook you. Thus the site lose more money
* If you are not staying on the site for more than 30 seconds, you more than likely will not buy anything. Thus the sites KEEPS losing money
Now what if this site was yours?...Dude... your losing alot of money!

What 95% Internet Marketers Overlook

The cold hard truth is that people online today have the attention span of a small baby squirrel. They do not know you, they are not interested in what your are selling and they will not even think twice about bouncing from your site if you lose their attention for even an moment. That is why if you want to make money online your soul job is making sure your targeted traffic is HOOKED in the first 10 seconds of landing on your page! It is only logical. You CANNOT make money off a person if they do not spend time on your site...period
Fortunately, I have spent a ton of time getting into the heads of my targeted traffic and how to get them to hooked almost immediately once they land on my site. It is amazing how the simplest changes to your site can have the biggest results on your online business. Here is exactly how to start converting new visitors on your site into loyal customers,readers, and subscribers

Make or Break 

Tip 1#Empower Your Header

Okay think about it. What does a new fresh new visitor know about your site? Nothing! What is the first thing they see? Your header! So, why on earth do 95% of websites headers tell you absolutely nothing about the site? In order to get someone to stay on your site they need to know exactly what they are in store for and how it is going to help them FAST. The best way to do this is with your header.
For example, what text would get you interested in a website if you want to make money online
Internet Gorilla.com
* Make Your First 100 Dollars Online
* Easy Ways to Explode Your Email List
* Rank Higher in Google This Week
Boom! If you are my targeted traffic the 2nd header text will literally make it impossible to bounce from my site. Also, look at everyone it targets
-Make your First 100 Dollars Online (newcomers to internet marketing)
-Easy Ways to Explode Your Email List (experienced marketers who already have list)
-Rank Higher in Google This Week (Marketers interested in SEO)
With 3 simple headlines under my header, I have now converted a TON of my targeted traffic that I might of lost otherwise. However, when I log onto most sites I simply see the first example. Imagine what a new visitor would think.
Internet Gorilla? What is this site about...Eh, I am to lazy to find out. On to the next shiny thing! *bounce*
When I applied this to a few my sites, bounce rates dropped by 20-40% overnight. Try it out!

Make or Break 

Tip 2# Make Your Post or Page Titles Stimulate Your Visitor

Nothing, and I mean nothing creates interest like emotion. This is why when a visitor reads see a link to a page or a post you want to convey an emotion (excitement, sense of loss, shock, happiness, potential success) that will make it impossible for them not to check it out. (Once you get a person to click something on your site they are almost 200% more likely to keep clicking after that by the way)
Look at these post titles
-Nike Shoe Review
-Cool Business Books
-SEO Tool That Helps Rankings
Yawn! While these may get a few people interested, more than likely a lot of people are going to bounce simply because these titles do not generate curiosity. Now, look at these titles revamped
-The Shoe That Is Redefining College Sports
-3 Books That Increased My Profits by 200%
-Are Missing Out On The Best SEO Tool On the Web (seriously)

Make or Break 

Tip 3# Get Your Customer Begging To Be On Your Email List

Yesterday I was browsing sites in the weight loss niche. When I came on a site a box popped up and said

I cannot begin to tell you how often I see this and it drives me crazy. Think about what your visitor thinks when they read this.
Wait what? Why would I want you emailing me? What do I get out of it? I hate email spam, no thanks!
On top of this, they probably bounced because they were annoyed by this stereotypical spammy email collection method. There is a much better way to do this. Imagine if they log onto your site and see:
Get The Access To a List of Health Foods That Actually INCREASE Weight Gain+ A 30 Day Work Out Plan *Insert Email*
Now we are talking! Potential customers will not only give you there email , but be eager to receive your first message. As long as you back up the promise in the email collection headline, they gain a source of value and you gain a potential repeat customer (as long as they stay on your list) Everyone wins! When I put this into play on one of my blogs my subscriber base doubled overnight. Just remember, people love giving out their email..as long as they get something in return.

Now Combine All 3 Of These..and boom

Thanks for reading guys,


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