3 WAYS To Generate Website Traffic

Web Traffic

In this brief article I’m going to reveal the simplest and fastest way to get your first 100 website visitors. I’m going to give you a very very specific plan. If you stick with this plan for 30 days, you’ll get a lot more than 100 website visitors.

Do you have a website that no one is visiting? Do you have a brand new website but don’t know how to get any traffic?
Sound familiar?
Perhaps this has plagued even you. If it has, then listen up because there are ONLY 3 WAYS to generate website traffic.
1. Borrow it
2. Buy it and…
3. Capture It
Let’s Take a Look At Each of These

1. BORROWING Website Traffic

Borrowing traffic is when you get someone to refer your website to THEIR followers.
Some call it a Joint Venture while others call it an affiliate relationship. But at it’s basic level, you are incentivizing someone else to refer your website to their audience.
Another form of borrowing traffic is “viral marketing.”  Viral marketing is all about getting people to recommend your articles, videos, audios, and photos to their own network of friends.

2. BUYING Website Traffic

Buying traffic is just what it is, buying traffic.
Here’s the 3 main ways to buy website traffic…
- Pay per click (PPC) advertising
PPC advertising is done through networks like Google Adwords or MSN Ad Center.
- Banner advertising
Banner advertising is done through networks like Google Content Network, Adroll, and Adknowledge.
- Text link advertising
Text link advertising is done through networks like Kontera, TextLinkBrokers, TNX.net.

3. CAPTURING Website Traffic

Capturing traffic is mainly Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which includes optimizing your website to show up high in the search engines.
The two main activities in SEO are optimizing your website to get found when people type in specific keywords. And the second activity is to create content that has links back to your website and get that content posted on different websites around the web.

Which One Traffic Method Is Best?

That’s a great question and one that’s very hard to answer.
Each has it’s advantages and disadvantages.
1. Pay Per Click / Text Link Traffic
If you want super highly targest traffic and you need it immediately, then you’ll want to guy pay-per-click traffic.
Advantage – Highly targest traffic
Disadvantage – Expensive
2. Banner Ad Traffic
If you have a general interest product that will convert with traffic that is not highly targeted, then you’ll want to buy banner ad traffic.
Advantage – Less expensive
Disadvantage – Lower targeted traffic
3. Search Engine Optimization
If you want long term traffic that continues to flow, even after you’ve done the work to get it, then you’ll want to invest in search engine optimization.
Advantage – Less expensive
Disadvantage – Takes time and work
4. Joint Venture Traffic
If you want immediate, targeted, no-cost traffic then you should try to set up joint ventures.
Advantage – Fast and targeted
Disadvantage – Requires trust / relationships

My Top Choice…

Well, my top traffic choice is a mixture of all of them!  NEVER just rely one traffic method. That’s a recipe for disaster.When Google changed it’s Adwords policy, MANY businesses were hurt badly. When Google changed it’s search engine algorithyms, MANY businesses were hurt badly.
Right now I’m buying a lot of traffic on through Facebook and I’m also investing heavily in SEO. Again, I don’t rely on one method and you shouldn’t either.
All the internet marketing gurus will tell you that “TRAFFIC IS KING!”
It’s hard to step into any internet marketing circles where you don’t see someone selling a course about how to get web traffic.
That’s all you hear about.
It seems like there is no end to the insatiable demand to know how to get more website traffic.
I’m here to debunk that myth right now!
I will firmly and resolutely tell you that TRAFFIC IS NOT, I REPEAT, NOT, KING!

Now Don’t Get Me Wrong…

Traffic is extremely important. In fact, it’s the lifeblood of your online business.
Any one of you could go out and get all the traffic you can handle TODAY if you wanted to.
There is no end to the amount of high quality, super targeted traffic that you can get TODAY.
If you were to just attend one ad:tech conference, you would know that there are billions of online visitors just waiting to visit your website, and you can get them with a simple signature.
By the way, ad:tech is the conference where all the huge web traffic deals are made.
So if web traffic is not the king…

What Is The King of the Internet?

Okay, let me tell you.
But it’s not what you think so just hear me out (because I’m right about this).
The king of the internet is…
That’s right.
If you have a high converting sales funnel, traffic will coming running to your door!
If you have a sales funnel that converts, all you need to do is open it up to affiliates and they will coming running to put traffic down your funnel.
Think about this for a moment…
With a high converting sales funnel that has either a continuity program or larger back end products that you offer, your lifetime value of a customer will be high enough that you’ll be able to go out and buy all the targeted traffic you want.
So, you’re probably asking…

What Is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is simply a series of targeted offers.
For instance, imagine you were very interested in marketing and you saw an advertisement online for a marketing ebook.
That would be the front end of a sales funnel.
So the sales funnel might look something like this…
Offer #1 – a free marketing ebook.
Offer #2 – a $19 mp3 marketing audio program
Offer #3 – a $97 series of marketing mp3′s.
Offer #4 – a $697 offer for a marketing home study cours
Offer #5 – an offer to become a member of a membership website that costs $20 a month.
Here’s the kicker…
Now imagine if a person who is interested in marketing went through this sales funnel and purchased an average of $197 in products.
How much would you be willing to pay for a lead?
Right! $197  (assuming you had no costs)
The good news is that the average cost per lead in this market is around $10 or so.
Now how much traffic can you buy if your cost per lead is $10, but you’re average sales per lead is $197?
The answer -> A LOT of traffic!
But it all comes down to one simple thing, having a high converting sales funnel.

But Did You Know This?

You’re in a sales funnel right now!
Yup, you’re in my sales funnel. The fact that you’re reading this means that you are in my sales funnel. Every time you read one of my newsletters, you are touching a part of my sales funnel.

Do you have a sales funnel?

EVERY business should have a sales funnel.
Every business should have some type of front end offer and some type of ongoing communication method.
If you don’t, you should start one right now. I don’t care if you’re in network marketing, an insurance agent, or you sell shoes. You should be frequently communicating with the people that know you and making offers to them.
When you make offers to people for products and services that you know will help them, you are helping them to improve their lives.

These methods work really well. Blog commenting can bring you fast traffic and high quality backlinks and article marketing can bring you long term traffic and great inbound links.

YOUR Blog Commenting Marketing Plan  

Go sign up for a “Google Alert” for your topic and set it to look at blogs. Click below to see a quick snapshot what your Google Alert will look like when setting it up to get alerts about “marriage counseling.”
Every time you get a google alert about your topic, go review the alerts and then click into the ones that interest you.
Read the blog entry and then simply make a comment to respond to the blog post.
Do steps 1 and 2 over and over and over again.
Here’s one little trick that you can do to quintuple the number of visits from your blog post. When you go to put your name into your comment, add your website URL.
People can visually see your website URL and out of curiosity will want to click on the link to visit your site.

Your Article Marketing Plan Okay, this one is even easier.

Write an article about the solution to a bad problem that your company solves.
Use your primary keyword (topic) in the title and a few times in the article. At the end of the article, create a “resource box” with an offer for more information and include a link to your website.
Submit it to EzineArticles.com
Do steps 1 and 2 over and over an over and over. Why EzineArticles? Because it is one of the highest ranking authority sites on the net that you can easily submit your articles to. Google loves this site and will love your article. People will find it in the search engines, read it and click on your website link.

Combining the Two Methods Okay, so you want to do these two web traffic methods every single day for 30 days. In one month, you’ll not only get your first 100 visitors, you’ll probably get several thousand visitors to your website. If this is making money for you, then outsource it! You can hire a very good virtual assistant, college student or Filipino worker for very cheap to continue this system.

Source: marketingblogger


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