Google Penguin Slap Part 1

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Google Penguin Slap Information – PART 1

Alright everyone, so we’re here to talk about the penguin. What it is, what it isn’t and what you need to know about this “slap” to rank sites and profit in the future. Now before we get started, let’s cover some ground rules, OK?
#1 – This isn’t leading up to anything – What I mean is, this isn’t a teaser leading up to a product or anything like that…it just is what it is.
#2 – The “project” will be made up of multiple posts
#3 – It’s free – So, if it takes me a couple days between posts, don’t harass me.
#4 – I haven’t scripted this – It’s going to be “free writing”, so there could occasionally be a “bad word” or two – I’ll try to keep them to a minimum, but sometimes my thoughts and words can be aggressive and mildly offensive. I’m not saying I’m going to be posting nude pics and dropping F bombs every 2 sentences, but just giving you fair warning that I’m just writing from my experience.

Alright…cool? Let’s go…

The Penguin “slap” isn’t like other “slaps” that you might have experienced such as the Panda or any of the other animals, because it’s NOT A SLAP…IT’S A FILTER!
The big shake-ups in Google that we are used to generally penalize a site because of something that they’ve done or some new thing that Google has decided is either important or not important. For instance, with the Panda, websites were penalized if they had too much similar content spread out over the same domain. So, if you had a site and had 25 articles all targeting the exact same keyword, chances are good, you would get slapped. Obviously it was a little more complicated than that, but that’s the general gist of it.

It was only 2 years ago or so that they BANNED AFFILIATES IN MASS from the Adwords program, right? Why do you think they did that? I’d be willing to bet almost anything that I own that it was because of HOW EFFECTIVE “aff marketers” were in funneling traffic away from the Google index and away from key Google Advertisers and into our own sales funnels. If you look at just about EVERY change that they have made, each and every one of them has been aimed squarely at reducing how effective we as marketers can be and to give “others” the advantage.

Also consider how aggressive that Google has been with things like Google Places Listings and other properties that they own taking over just about the whole first page for some search results – IT’S ALL ABOUT MARKET SHARE and Google wanting to make sure that they are “represented” in as big a chunk of the market as they possibly can be.
I could talk about this part of it forever and point out probably 50 things that support my “theory”, but I’m sure that would bore more of you than it would interest, so I’ll leave it at that and let you come to your own conclusions.

With the Penguin, instead of being slapped and penalized, sites are being filtered either for the good or bad – Mostly for the good. From what I’ve seen, the “filter” is being run PER MARKET which is why it’s taking longer than usual for it to fully take effect, so it wasn’t a case of flipping a switch, and everyone that was going to be effected knowing about it at the same time. Which is why some people didn’t even believe that there was a “slap” getting ready to happen.

Before we get into what some of the specific parts of the filter are, I want to make something perfectly clear, but keep in mind that this is MY OPINION  so you can choose to accept it as truth, discard it, or take it however you want…


For some of you this is probably tough to hear because maybe you’ve had a site that you’ve been working on for a while affected and the thoughts of “losing” it definitely aren’t pleasant, but understand this…

The filter that we are dealing with right now has one specific purpose and that purpose is to RANK SITES THAT ARE GOOGLE FRIENDLY…and when I say “Google Friendly” I’m not referring to optimizing your site or anything like that. I’m referring to sites that are Friendly to Googles Revenue and monetization models….and I firmly believe that once you’ve been filtered negatively by the Penguin that it is a death sentence of sorts.

I’m constantly looking at new data, watching sites go up and down, and applying techniques to my sites that have been affected that I believe to be “Penguin Friendly” and if I have positive results with something, I’ll be sure to share it here, but for now, if you’ve had a site “hit” your best bet is to continue working on it, but to have realistic expectations.

In order to fully understand the Penguin and to have some idea of what to expect, you have to understand WHY Google has decided to enact this filter, why now, and what they are trying to affect.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for or with Google. I don’t have any inside sources. What I will speak of next is strictly the result of my observations and experiences with Google and the sites of my own and my various clients.
I firmly believe that the Penguin “slap” or filter is the result of dissatisfaction from Google advertisers. They aren’t happy with their return on investment for their advertising dollars spent, nor are they happy with the fact that their impressions are routinely wasted because of the way that you and I (affiliate marketers) are able to position themselves.
I know that some of you probably think I’m wearing a tin foil hat and am full of shit, but consider this…

As a matter of fact, doing some or all of those things in some cases will make it so YOU DON’T RANK well in Google.
Introduction Over – Alright, so what we’ve just done here is to kind of introduce the problem. In the next installment, we are going to look at the POSITIVE things you can do to get noticed by the filter, and maybe look at some examples. Between now and then though, spend some time researching in the markets you are involved or interested in – Pop your keywords in and see which pages are ranking, which ones aren’t, and pay CLOSE ATTENTION to what those pages have and don’t have when it comes to things you’ve been trained and gotten used to relying on to rank your keywords in Google.

Unfortunately, as a result of marketers wanting to sell products, many (maybe even you?) are under the impression that this “slap” is effecting those that practice certain types of SEO, use or DON’T use certain types of links, etc…
While those things are always considerations when it comes to Google deciding where your site is going to rank, they aren’t the KEY FACTORS when it comes to the Penguin. As an experiment and as a way to kind of prove my point, go to the Google index and slap a keyword in the search box and then investigate the results. What you’ll find is that many of the results..
  • Don’t have the keyword that they are trying to rank for as anchor text
  • Have a keyword density of under 1%
  • DON’T have the exact keyword in title, description, etc
In some cases, you’ll find that the PAGE that is ranking doesn’t even mention the keyword phrase that they are ranking for. This poses a problem for many in our business because they’ve been trained to think that if they build enough links with a certain anchor text, use the keyword in their title, description, etc and do certain on and off page things that they will rank..That’s not the way it works as a whole anymore.

As of right now, I’m emailing my whole list to invite them to read this information – Some of them even if you are trying to give them value for free think that any email you send is spam, so I’d like to be able to update only the people that are interested when I make a new post about this subject. if you want to be notified, please register below, and I’ll shoot you an email the minute the next installment is posted, OK?
You obviously don’t have to, but it would make things easier on both of us :) I’m kind of “purging” my list as well, so opt-ing in above will help me keep in contact with you as I will be disabling my GR account sometime in the next week or so…

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